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Lucent Dream


Slice of Life, Romance

Witten by

Justin Ong

Directed by

Justin Ong



In Progress

August 28, 2012 - Ongoing

Lucent Dream

A Ongoing Developing Manga Series made by Justin Ong,

Currently the story is not yet done and only wishes that everyone supports this Manga so that I may submit it as my very first manga I ever made, thank you


Miyuki Shimizu, a girl from the province moves to the city to expand her studies, after moving into her new home

her parents gives her the freedom to choose any school she likes, when she enrolls she immediately decided

that she enter the SSC college without a second thought.Later on the first day of class , after introducing

herself to everyone she saw someone that caught her attention a student Jun Wong, when the teacher tells her to

sit down in her assigned seat, she asked the teacher if she could seat besides Jun after which she

seated down she whispers to Jun as if he recognizes her but Jun has no memory whatsoever that they met.

why would Miyuki know Jun but Jun himself does not know her? what possible relation could Jun have with Miyuki?


Jun Wong

A very secretive person, not much is known about Jun other than he isolates himself

from other people because of a certain event that triggered in his past. he has a sloth

like behaviour, sleeping and expressing his laziness almost every time. He is the boy

that Miyuki met in a dream where they both interacted although Jun has lost recollection

of it because of a accident that gave him a short memory loss

Miyuki Shimizu

A energetic and gentle girl. Being born from the province, she has the attitude of that of a farmer:

hardworking, patience and trustworthy which was stem from the work she does at her home from cleaning

to the work on the farm and guidance from a well loved parents. she can be very naive of the world beyond

the province which is the city and can sometimes be confuse while trying to adapt the new lifestyle.

During one dream, Miyuki met Jun where they interacted and bonded together,. it is hinted that after the

dream Miyuki has developed feelings for Jun and even after meeting a totally different Jun from the one

she met in her dream her feelings didn't change.

Chapter List

Volume 1


Miyuki travels from her province to the big city of Manila, later after renovating her new home she is given

privelege to enter any school she likes, she decides to enter SSC to meet with someone she met long ago.


When the class ended, Miyuki walks home dissapointed after finding out that the person she wanted to meet doesn't recognize her at all but as she kept walking, suspiscious people started following her.


Noticing that Jun doesn't have much presents in class, Miyuki tries to help Jun gain some popularity using the most common and famous sport: Basketball.


Jun recovers at home after a asthma attack during the Basketball in which causes Miyuki to feel responsible for the sickness that he had, so to make for it she resolves her mistake by nursing him back to health.


When Jun returns to school, a rumor spreads throughout the school in which Jun and Miyuki is involved in.

Chapter 6:

One of the feared bullies in the school targets people relentlessly for his own pleasure and dominancem right now his next target is Jun

Chapter 7:

Miyuki notices that Jun doesn't have any friends to talk with nor does he even have one beside Jun, decideds on bringing her own friends in hopes that Jun may open up his heart to others.

Chapter 8:

The teacher announces a group project and requesting that everyone should work on together but Jun disagrees on the idea of teamwork

Chapter 9:

A student Miguel Valencio causes trouble to the school which caughts the attention of Jun and later becomes involve in one of Miguels troubles

Chapter 10:

Jun is given a invitation to enter the top section after one of the teachers seeing the potential of Jun, ask him to join in but Jun is unsure whether if he should accept or not

Volume 2

Chapter 11:

Jun finds difficulty

Chapter 12:

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